Summer 2009 Student Work Experience

During Summer 2009, Russell HR Consulting have offered students of Northampton University Business School an opportunity to come in and work with Kate and the team on a work experience programme. During the Summer we’ll be asking our students for their views on what they have learnt during their time with us and putting entries on our blog. Our first student was Marta Wisniewska who has written her entry below.

Over to you Marta....

My name is Marta and I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to HR Russell Consulting for the opportunity to take me for work experience.I am a student of Human Resource Management at the University of Northampton.During my summer work experience I have learnt a lot! Definitely much more than I expected!

Not only I was involved in grievance interview where I had a chance to take notes, attending clients’ managerial meetings regarding company re-structuring, conducting a HR file audit for a client, but also got involved in the company finance and structure of accounts. I was showed the company records keeping and the whole business from the inside.

I also had a chance to learn some IT skills during my work experience. I learnt from one member of the team how to update company website and later had an opportunity to add an entry on to the site myself. I was also involved in updating the database. Furthermore, I was given a task of altering a staff handbook and making my recommendations. This was followed by a discussion of my proposed version with Kate. On this occasion I had a chance to talk with the expert about legal issues and practical things that should be in a staff handbook.

I am very impressed how much I have learnt in such a short time! I wish my university course gave me more practical experience and am very grateful to the HR Russell Consulting team for their kindness and help provided. Moreover, I was encouraged to ask questions and the team were always happy to provide answers and were patient with my questions! I wish all the best to HR Russell Consulting and looking forward to work with them in future!

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