The Goode Life

I have recently joined Russell HR Consulting as an HR Generalist to bring some more of the 'Goode Life' into the office. In my first week instead of bringing an apple for the teacher, I brought in eggs for The HR Headmistress as, true to the television programme, we keep chickens – four rescued battery hens plus the two originals, a bantam Orpington named Bertha and Nicole, a hybrid.

Recently we have had a problem with a chicken not staying in the run. This is reasonably easy with only six chickens to see if one is missing. How would it be with 20 chickens – very difficult, you would probably not notice unless you saw the chicken somewhere else in your garden?

I value when all the chickens are where they should be as this weekend we found where the truant chicken was laying her eggs – 16 eggs were found under a forsythia bush.

This is the same with employees, with a small team it is easy to see if someone is late or absent – not so easy with a larger the team. It is important to recognise when someone is late or absent from work.

It will fulfill two factors, the other employees know that absence is recognised and the absent employee knows that you value their attendance.

Russell HR Consulting is keen to get our clients to manage their employees attendance and have several ways of doing this. We publish a handy sized book called ‘Off the Sick List!’ which is written for managers and covers the whole absence process, giving helpful tips, including how to hold high impact return to work meetings.

We also offer workshops and courses covering specific subjects such as managing attendance or more generalist employment law training. If you need assistance please get in touch.

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