The HR Hotshots Grimace For The Camera

Over the last few months my team has grown rapidly and we now have a great range of HR expertise on board. As well as being able to provide the most practical employment law advice going, we also have specialists in pay and benefits, change management, job evaluations, conflict resolution and talent management.

Some of the team got together for a photo shoot recently. We wanted to achieve a straight business shot, consistent with our respectable and serious HR credentials, and a Christmas photo. Because we are in the throes of launching our new HR Hotline (a new HR phone advice line),and we have the domain name HR to underpin it, we also thought we’d also do a spoof Blues Brothers picture.

The Hotties (as they are now universally known) gathered at the studio and milled around a bit nervously, getting ready and practising their pouts. They were absolute naturals in front of the camera, and posed beautifully, though we seriously lost it when someone shouted “watch the birdie!” and suddenly produced a gruesome yellow rubber chicken from nowhere.

By the time we got to the Blues Brothers shot, the Hotties were all fully fired up and ‘in character’ and gazed menacingly at the camera in the most satisfactory way. Needless to say, when I had to strut my stuff, they teased me unmercifully about how natural the scowling state was for me, and it was really hard to keep a (menacing) straight face with all the heckling going on. But eventually, the shots were in the can and the results, I think you’ll agree are just fantastic.

Our thanks as always to our hotshot photographer Karen Parker who makes these things so easy and so much fun.

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