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The Serial Litigant’s Hit List

CSI and Dexter may be concerned with homicides and serial-killers, but here at Russell HR Consulting, we are concerned with something much more serious... serial-litigation.

A new website and service – Serial Litigants – has recently been launched to try to provide some assistance to those dealing with tribunal litigation (see

It enables clients to perform a national search on a Claimant to discover whether he or she has had any previous tribunal claims and, if so, whether these cases have been won or lost. The site provides advice for dealing with serial-litigants ranging from how to communicate with said litigant, to what training should be given to your staff in proceeding with such a case.

The recent development of Serial Litigants highlights the importance of really knowing your opposition and gaining a thorough knowledge of both your claimant and their claim when dealing with tribunal litigation. This also goes for all forms of discipline and grievance, where strict procedures should be followed and advice sought in dealing with cases that involve issues such as misconduct, claims of unfair dismissal and compensation claims, to name but a few.

As well as publishing material such as 101 Tips for Employers – a practical guide to managing employees effectively – Russell HR Consulting provides an extensive range of training courses, workshops and over-the-phone advice to assist if and when such situations should arise. Don't be another hit on the serial-litigants list give us a call.

By: Darry Khajehpour

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