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Work Experience at Russell HR Consulting

We have been actively supporting local colleges and schools in our area for a number of years with initiatives like Build and Fly Your Own Rocket, internships and work placements. This week we are hosting a young man, Kane Fitzpatrick, from Hazeley Academy. We invited him to contribute a guest blog.

Every student has to participate in one week’s worth of Work Experience in order to give them a taste of what the real world is like. Whilst browsing for different jobs I stumbled upon Russell HR and noticed that it the subject I would be working on was law. This intrigued me as I am currently studying law for my GCSE’s so I signed up for an interview and was soon accepted. Even though I had no previous work experience, other than charity work, I vowed to make the most out of my week by improving my skill set and really trying to get a good feel of the workplace to see if it was the right kind of place for me.

On my first day I was put in the charge of Lauren who showed me around and introduced me to Kate and Kirsty and although I was nervous at the beginning I was quickly put at ease and was ready to work. All throughout the day everyone was extremely kind to me and I felt right at home whilst I was working. During the day I did various different jobs which included things such as: blogging, shredding, updating social networks and preparing presentations. So far I have really been able to develop my practical and research skills, which I believe will really help out in school with the sheer amount of work that I will need to complete in order to get the high grades. Near to the end of the day I came into contact with Chris who hadn’t been in earlier and just like everyone else he was very kind too.

My second day was a lot easier to deal with as I had already settled in and I was already accustomed to my surroundings. Although a few jobs were the same, such as blogging and social media, I had to do a few completely new ones such as bringing the workbooks up to date, looking at CV’s, searching for potential writers for guest blogs and helping to take notes throughout an interview that was taking place. These different things were really interesting to learn about as a lot of them may help me with my future, especially CV’s and interviews, as they have helped me to improve upon myself and gain skills that I wouldn’t get from another experience.

Later in my work experience with Russell HR I should be partaking in things such as researching social media and going out to experience some interviews first hand, which will be interesting to see as I will finally be able to see some of the interactions between the HR team and the clients, so I’m excited to see what will lie ahead and to learn new skills that will help me out in the future. I am very happy that I was able to work at Russell HR and I’d like to thank Kate, Lauren, Kirsty and Chris for letting me come into their office for the week.

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